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Those folders sit alongside stacks of meticulously detailed scrapbooks. -- Kelly Deushane's dining room table is piled high with books, most touting beneficial, healing diets.Those folders sit alongside stacks of meticulously detailed scrapbooks.After the investigation, the entire case was dropped, but the entire process was one of the most stressful experiences of my entire life, made more so by that fact that you cannot talk to anyone about it.So I would caution parents who speak to children, as they should, about abuse that they mention that there are some developmentally normal situations during that these things can occur.Come ready to sing along with the songs - for and against - of how women won the right to vote.

As phenomenal as the advice “Prudence” gives to the neighbor who might report two teens having sex is the final story on the Dear Prudence page, which I originally missed. Prudence — Emily Yoffe — wrote it after advising a grown reader that playing doctor as a kid is not something to look back on in adulthood and re-cast as shameful or even a “sexual assault.” My children would have been approximately ages 6 and 4 (we never were able to determine this exactly; they may have been slightly older or younger) when it happened—there was some showing of parts to each other.

She has performed vocal and instrumental music at historic sites and museums throughout New York State, and for over 20 years directed historic music programs at The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown, NY.

Katie teaches at the Cooperstown Graduate Program for Museum Studies and has also performed and taught historic music in after school and Artist in the Classroom programs. For more information, please contact Jenna Peterson Riley, Curator of Education & Public Engagement at [email protected] (518) 673-2314 x 113.

When Emily Rankin’s college friend Dorry Scribner comes for a visit, things do not proceed as usual at Cherry Hill.

Dorry is a suffragist, and the Rankins are not so sure woman suffrage is a good idea.

Kelly Deushane's dining room table is piled high with books, most touting beneficial, healing diets.

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