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[3] As German writer CANTWO SUK (Stick Up Kidz), TMD (The Most Dedicated) notes above, something has changed over the last ten years that has had a dramatic impact on the number of active female graffiti writers and, more importantly for this article, on their presence within graffiti subculture. The proliferation of graffiti websites specifically geared toward, focused on, and maintained by female writers is remarkable.

CANTWO, In 2000, the absence of any substantial representation of female graffiti writers was more than noticeable; it was as if, however unlikely, they simply did not exist.

Finally, a link that isn’t related to this project but is too cool not to mention – Feross Aboukhadijeh has a Web Torrent project to port a full Bit Torrent client to the browser, also using Web RTC in a serverless way (with trackerless torrents, and peer-to-peer node introductions).

What would it mean if the next Wikipedia or Git Hub (see Yurii Rashkovskii’s Git Chain project!

[1] Hoping to engage female writers through ethnography, I posted a call for participation on Art, the first graffiti-specific website on the Internet.

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Developed by Susan Farrell in 1994, Art Crimes was (and is) a well-known site with a vast amount of information and resources.

) didn’t have to spend tens of millions of dollars each year for servers and bandwidth, and could rely on peer-to-peer interaction?