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15-Sep-2017 23:11

She also convinced some of her friends to download the app and try it out.“[My friends] liked the app,” Sutlive said.“And they still talk to the match.”Sutlive recommended bidders to offer a coffee or dinner date to up the rate of success.3 Degrees isn’t geared towards hookups since it doesn’t offer instant gratification like Tinder or Bumble.Since 3 Degrees is an i OS app, Apple takes 30 percent of the bid, 3 Degrees claims 20 percent and the winning player receives 50 percent, according to Igein.

The player who finds the ideal match, receives a portion of the bid.

Men don’t pay a monthly fee, but instead, they pay for ‘Sparks,’ or messages that go for about each.

It’s supposedly the digital equivalent of buying a woman a drink.

Women, with proof of a college degree, pay about a month for unlimited messaging and access.

For guys, Sparkology requires not only proof of a college degree but a degree from ’s top national and regional universities with a few international schools thrown in the mix.

Finances - Manilla Rent, food, credit card bills, travel expenses, student loans, car loans — you’ve seen it all.