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On the south end of the estate at the ravine, the older house's carriage-way wall on the ravine's edge still remains -- an overlook pointing toward the lake.In the late 1880s, too, this was part of a trial or preliminary golf course designed for Senator Farwell and his son-in-law, Hobart Chatfield-Taylor, by Scottish golf course architect C. Mac Donald, to test interest in Chicago for a golf course.In May, Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim confirmed that the complaints of former students prompted the investigation."In those complaints, the students provided information regarding a number of incidents, dating from the late 1970s through the mid-1980s, that occurred in the presence of Mr. The release said that investigators interviewed about 50 people, from California to Florida, and "uncovered extensive records spanning back nearly 30 years."District 65 posted a statement on its website in May stating that, "With the charge filed today by the Lake County State's Attorney's office, we are hopeful that Charles Ritz will be swiftly brought to justice and held accountable for his actions."Though statutes of limitations often prohibit the prosecution of alleged crimes from decades ago, Nerheim said in the news release that his office was able to proceed with the case because Ritz, "left the State of Illinois shortly after the commission of these criminal acts."The initial investigation was launched by the Lake Bluff Police Department.Here's where you can meet singles in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

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In a June 6, 1994 New Yorker profile by Francine Gray of Adele Chatfield-Taylor, who currently is president of the American Academy in Rome, this contemporary Adele recalls her paternal grandmother who built "Bluff's Edge:" "an amateur architect interested in ideas, dogs, and in style." Indeed, the modern-day, near-celebrity Adele recalls fondly from her childhood the aesthetic savvy of both her grandmothers for whom "'design was a sort of calling.'" (p. The "Bluff's Edge" property originally was part of the C. Farwell estate and previously housed a Victorian residence, home to two maiden Farwell sisters.According to Lake County Circuit Court records, Ritz faces a misdemeanor charge of public indecency/lewd exposure.A court appearance of June 22 has been set for him.It epitomizes the current vogue for high-quality Georgian style highlighted in an article in the April 1996 issue of Town & Country.

At its annual meeting on May 19 the Lake Forest Foundation for Historic Preservation recognized the current owners of the Chatfield-Taylors' "Bluff's Edge" for their outstanding efforts to preserve this remarkable property in a manner which is faithful to its style and to its original condition.As has been the norm in this series, this estate combines uncommon historical, cultural and architectural interest.