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15-Nov-2017 07:01

Then, throughout his misspent youth, he played the proverbial road warrior with country rock bands "Open Road" & "Derby, Saunders and Mc Niven".

We’re pretty sure Bob knows every song ever written.

Again and again I’d fall for the sensitive guitar player who wears eyeliner … But maybe you will be bothered by him missing your birthday because he has a gig in New Jersey, or inclined to paranoia that he’s got “a girl in every port.” Also, if you have pets or kids together, you should expect to do more of the care when he’s on tour. Again, these people aren’t worth getting jealous or insecure about. I might possibly be bitter because I got a song for Valentine’s Day one year which appeared to have been written that same day. If you’re someone who works a 9-to-5 job and requires a full night’s sleep like I do, this is not a match. This is just a fact about all creative folks — writers like myself, actors, musicians, whatever.

and again and again the same patterns would repeat themselves that led to us breaking up. I perfected the “watchful girlfriend off to the side” stance — not possessively hovering too close, but also making it clear to both him and the other chicks that I was watching. You’ll be expected to go to not just some gigs, but probably their shows. Make no mistake: these are all serious things to consider if you’re dating a successful musician. But if you’re also a night owl, then this relationship could work out great. We put our souls into what we do, so we can’t help but take it very, very personally if people don’t like it — even if we’ve become successful doing it professionally. If you go to bed with a writer, expect to wake up with shit written about you.

Dark Arteries has also received the 4Bars Rest Newcomer of the Year Award and Gavin Higgins the first British Bandsman magazine Herbert Whitley Award for Creativity.

Dark Arteries was also nominated as Best Modern Choreography in the 2015 National Dance Awards.

In 2010 he was appointed Rambert Dance Company’s Inaugural Music Fellow.

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The Gloucester born composer comes from a long lineage of brass band musicians, dating back to 1895.

A CD recording, featuring the Tredegar Town Band, was released last year and has been the recipient of three prestigious awards for brass band music.

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